Excelling a Housekeeping Career

April 26, 2022
Excelling a Housekeeping Career

“Carolyn is an absolute favorite family member of ours,” says Chris Ardolino, Narsi’s Vice President of Operations. Carolyn Gillit, Operations Manager at our Hilton Garden Inn in Atlanta/East Lithonia, has built her legacy with a smile on her face and a great attitude in tow, ready to take on whatever comes her way.

Her time at Narsi began back in 2005 when Carolyn was seeking a new job opportunity a few years after moving from her native California to Georgia. A former coworker recommended she apply for a room attendant position with Narsi Properties, and so began the start of a beautiful relationship.

“It’s been great,” she says, thinking back on her years with Narsi. “I’ve always been treated like family. There’s been a lot of good times here. I’ve met a lot of good people.”

Growing a Housekeeping Career From Room Attendant to Operations Manager 

Carolyn’s impressive work ethic and responsiveness to any and all situations has allowed her to grow her career over the years.

I started as a room attendant, then became an inspector, entered a supervisor position, went on to Housekeeping Manager, and then got bumped up to Operations Manager. Narsi is very fair to me,” she says. 

Although Carolyn didn’t expect her career to grow quite so quickly, her team mentality and dedication have turned her job into an esteemed career. “Narsi has supported me. I had no idea that all these years later I’d be sitting here, having gone through four different titles.”

Determined Problem Solver

Carolyn attributes her success over the years to her willingness to embrace unexpected challenges, tasks, and situations. Her advice: never refuse to do anything. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do that they asked me to do. One way or another, I get it done,” she says.

In her current role as Operations Manager, Carolyn is often faced with issues that arise unexpectedly. If something breaks down, she has the responsibility of fixing it. And in every instance, she solves the problem.

“When I didn’t have a maintenance team at one point, I had to fill in. When I lost my pool operators, I had to take over the pool and get certified. That was the most challenging test I have ever taken. But we passed it!” Carolyn explains.

Team and Family Mentality

A true embodiment of our values at Narsi, Carolyn is family-focused and team oriented. She deeply appreciates the support she gets from her own team and from leadership. “I have a lot of good help. I work for good people and work with good people,” she says.

 When interviewing job candidates, Carolyn looks for those who value being part of a family-like team, where everyone is treated well and strives to do their best. 

“You work with a lot of people, and everybody has different personalities. You may have experience, but you’ve got to have a good outlook on things,” she says.

After all, we like to think that Narsi isn’t just a place of work, but a place where coworkers become family. For Carolyn, that became a reality when her son spent his summers working at the hotel and her daughter took on a role as the front desk clerk.

“I have a big heart for everybody. We’re all family. It doesn’t matter if we haven’t seen each other in a couple of years or days. When we get together, everybody gives everybody a hug,” she says with a smile. 

About Narsi Properties

Narsi Properties is a private family-owned Hotel Development & Management company based in North Carolina. Founded in 1978 on principles of trust, authenticity, and family, we take pride in our community, guests, and team members as the cornerstones of our company values. Our philosophy of positive reinforcement ensures a comfortable and unique experience for hotel guests, in turn reassuring our investors and stakeholders of our consistent reliability and superior performance.


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