5 Hospitality Team-Building Tips That Actually Work

September 26, 2023
5 Hospitality Team-Building Tips That Actually Work

In the dynamic world of hospitality management jobs, where service excellence is the beating heart of operations, team-building plays a valuable role. The importance of fostering a cohesive, harmonious team is perhaps more apparent here than in any other industry. By engaging in effective team-building activities, workers can dovetail their strengths, sure up their opportunities, and move cohesively with a unified purpose to deliver outstanding guest experiences.

The Power of Communication

Communication is vital to any hotel’s successful operation. Regular team briefings keep everyone updated and provide a platform for staff to voice concerns, opportunities or fresh ideas. If it is not possible to meet in person regularly, the use of digital tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams for ongoing communication across shifts and departments. However, these tools are not a full replacement for face-to-face meetings. In person meetings are vital for fostering better interpersonal relationships. Training your team to read non-verbal cues like body language and tone of voice can lead to more effective communication, positioning the team for a successful career in hospitality management.

Building Trust

Trust is at the core of a successful team-focused setting—whether it be hospitality management or essential team members.Trust is the cement that unifies a team, trust creates a safe, supportive atmosphere for team members to express thoughts, take calculated risks, and learn from errors. Trust helps create a harmonious environment which makes the people-first mindset of hospitality thrive, propelling our staff forward and ultimately creating a rewarding experience for our teams and guests alike.

Establishing trust is an eternal endeavor. Transparency is a strong tool in this process, as well as acknowledging a job well done. Always communicate decisions and changes openly, ensuring the entire team understands the reasons behind them. Collaborative activities, like problem-solving challenges or trust-building games, teach team members to rely on one another. Here are a few fun examples below.

  • Perfect Square: This activity requires blindfolded team members to form a perfect square using a rope. It fosters trust as participants must rely on each other’s guidance and instructions.
  • Blind Snake: One team member guides a blindfolded line of colleagues around obstacles using verbal instructions. Trust is built as participants rely solely on the guidance of their teammates.
  • Winner or Loser: Encourage team members to share personal stories, focusing on negative experiences, and then retell the stories with a positive perspective. 

Embracing Diversity

Diversity is not just a buzzword; it is essential for high functioning inclusive teams. In the context of hospitality management jobs, it is at the most basal level, the secret to a high-performing team. Diversity infuses various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives into the workplace, fostering a rich, innovative environment that mirrors the diversity of guests. Simultaneously, inclusion ensures that everyone feels valued and can contribute to the organization’s success.

Achieving this involves reevaluating team composition and setting challenging diversity goals. 

Traditional hiring practices should be reassessed, offering preference to diverse experiences and perspectives. Operational changes reflecting inclusivity, and diverse marketing campaigns, can be implemented. Remember, nurturing diversity and inclusion is a journey, not a quick fix, that leads to a vibrant, creative, and productive workplace in hospitality management.

Strengthening Relationships through Social Events

Social events, often seen as purely entertaining, serve a dual purpose in strengthening team relationships and enhancing performance—a concept integral to Marriott international careers and other hospitality management jobs. These events span from team dinners and picnics to elaborate outings like team retreats. Interactive games like scavenger hunts and escape rooms promote cooperation and open communication, breaking down barriers among team members.

Celebrate your team’s milestones through social events to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. These gatherings boost morale, increase job satisfaction, and help reduce staff turnover. They also offer networking opportunities for those aspiring to progress in their hospitality careers. Remember, a satisfied team is a productive team, and well-orchestrated social events contribute to forming a united, high-performing unit.

Investing in Continuous Learning

In the digital age, new roles like social media managers and data analysts are emerging, and automation is reshaping job requirements. To stay relevant, employees must adapt and acquire new skills. Incorporating soft skills like time management and communication in educational curricula and promoting a culture of lifelong learning is crucial. 

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