Demetrius White is Operations Manager of our Home2 Suites by Hilton in Salisbury, NC. It may surprise you to learn that just 3 years ago, Demetrius had never worked in a hotel before. In fact, he admits to never even considering a hotel career in his past and never having a hospitality mindset. So, what changed? 

Demetrius came to Narsi with experience in other realms of hospitality, including the food and beverage space. Fun fact: he still currently runs a catering service on the side. Though the hotel and dining industries provide different services, they have a lot in common. Mainly, they depend on a people-first attitude and hospitality mindset. 

As a true people-person, Demetrius embodies this mindset. He values personable interactions and is thoughtful about how he treats others. These traits were further exemplified when Demetrius began his Narsi career as a front desk agent in 2019.

Growth Through a People-First Mentality

From front desk agent to operations manager, Demetrius’s excellent work ethic and positive attitude helped him along the journey. When asked about the characteristics that facilitated his growth, he explains that he is quick on his feet. Learning from various interactions and scenarios in past roles has taught him to adapt in many situations.

Demetrius expresses his willingness to help others, often going above and beyond for guests. He even recalls setting aside some time to make goodie bags at one point. According to him, it’s all about keeping the guest experience in mind. Management recognized these values in Demetrius, resulting in his promotion to operations manager.

His advice to those looking to join or grow within the Narsi family? Always take time to do things the right way and be willing to learn. You never know what might happen.

Values as an Operations Manager

The hospitality mindset and desk agent experience prepared Demetrius for his current role as operations manager. His responsibilities now consist of ensuring hotel processes are running smoothly and professionally. Working with various staff departments, hotel operations, and guest interactions are all part of his daily role. 

Demetrius not only values a good relationship between management and employees, but overall company support. As someone who naturally enjoys working with others, he shares that it’s all about communication. Whether it’s guest interactions, managing staff responsibilities, or relaying information to leadership, clear communication is a key pillar of the hospitality mindset.