Meagan Ferguson has been part of our family since 2016. Starting as a Narsi desk agent, Meagan has since grown into her current role in operations management of Homewood Suites by Hilton in Durham-Chapel Hill. 

No stranger to the hotel industry, Meagan previously worked at Homewood Suites in Gainesville, Florida before relocating to the Chapel Hill area. She applied, interviewed remotely, and landed a role at our location before even making the interstate move. 

Now six years later, Meagan explains that she was initially surprised by Narsi’s work culture. As she learned more about the company, experiencing the family mentality and seeing property owners involved on-site was an impressive point to her. Meagan brought her own unique perspective to this family team, and it didn’t take long for her to start growing within the company.

Growth to Operations Management

Meagan started at Narsi in 2016 as a 7am to 3pm desk agent, working Monday through Friday on a normal week. But she didn’t stop there, as she was always willing to pick up a shift or help out. Management took notice of Meagan’s flexibility and enthusiasm to help, which led to her promotion to a supervisor role. From supervisor, she continued to grow to her current role. 

Now a manager herself, it is a fun process for her to watch others join and grow within the company. 

According to Meagan, everybody has their own path of growth within their career. Her exact growth timeline or series of roles may be different from the next person. She points out that this variety is crucial, because operations won’t work if everyone is doing the same thing.

Wearing Many Hats

When asked about her current role as Operations Manager at Homewood Suites, Meagan describes it as “a little bit of everything.” Guest interactions, various staff departments, and some behind-the-scenes logistics fall under Meagan’s work umbrella. Keeping things exciting, she enjoys the variety of having new challenges every day. 

Though she describes herself as naturally introverted, Meagan loves the interactions she gets to have every day. Whether it’s with working with guests, team members, or management, she feels that she has found her place within Narsi.

Very open-minded herself, she shares that flexibility is a great quality to have when joining the Narsi family. Wearing many hats has been a rewarding aspect of her role, as every day is something new. 

Her words of advice: don’t be boxed in, don’t get used to the same old, same old. You may never know what’s coming next, but if you’re open to new opportunities, they’ll be there waiting for you. 


About Narsi Properties

Narsi Properties is a private family-owned Hotel Development & Management company based in North Carolina. Founded in 1978 on principles of trust, authenticity, and family, we take pride in our community, guests, and team members as the cornerstones of our company values. Our philosophy of positive reinforcement ensures a comfortable and unique experience for hotel guests, in turn reassuring our investors and stakeholders of our consistent reliability and superior performance.