To ensure success in any business, you must value your people. At Narsi, we strongly believe work should have purpose and intent for our associates first and foremost. The family mentality is something that permeates our portfolio of hotels. More than just teamwork, it’s genuine care for those alongside you.

We have found that treating everyone with the same level of respect and care fosters a more productive environment. Not only must you value your people, but your people must value the work they are doing. It’s essential to choose the right associates who will add to your team and workflow. This can start with utilizing the appropriate hiring tactics for what you’re seeking. 

Finding the Right People

We work hard to understand the motivations of our job applicants. Perhaps it’s a first job or a means to care for a family. Maybe it’s a second job to help pay the bills, or maybe it’s just looking for a new environment.

When hiring new people at Narsi, we look for three primary things. Though they might seem fundamental, we find our best success when these three minimums are met in the pre-hiring phase: 

  • A writing instrument: The potential new team member must have some type of writing instrument in their possession. Whether it’s a pen, pencil, or even a crayon, this is an indicator of preparedness. 
  • A time-keeping device: A watch, cell phone, or other time device measures the potential new hire’s respect for not only their own time, but others’ as well. 
  • A smile: In our opinion, this is the most important factor. Simply put, we cannot train a smile; it’s either within you, or it is not.

Finding the balance between personable and professional starts in the interview process. We look for additional traits such as authenticity and trustworthiness, two of our core pillars. The goal is to ensure our associates support and encourage each other to strengthen family bonds at Narsi. When we find multiple layers of mutual support across the enterprise, it ultimately drives success.

Caring For Your People Every Day

Ensuring that our associates feel valued is crucial. This can come in many forms, not just in compensation. Validation, training, appreciation, and opportunity are all factors that contribute to caring for people. Management should implement these efforts through day-to-day interactions with each team member. 

One way we choose to further our family mentality is by starting all hourly roles with equal pay. It is common in our industry to start different hourly positions at varying wages. Despite this norm, we onboard all hourly associates at the same pay rate, regardless of department. We have found that this can eliminate job/wage envy and sets every role as equal value.

When your staff feels valued, it will foster an optimal work environment. At Narsi, we seek to remove the perceived barriers of the workplace, ensuring that all team members are valued equally. Our top priority is providing the support and motivation for family members’ well-being, both in and out of the workplace.


About Narsi Properties

Narsi Properties is a private family-owned Hotel Development & Management company based in North Carolina. Founded in 1978 on principles of trust, authenticity, and family, we take pride in our community, guests, and team members as the cornerstones of our company values. Our philosophy of positive reinforcement ensures a comfortable and unique experience for hotel guests, in turn reassuring our investors and stakeholders of our consistent reliability and superior performance.